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  • These icons were created by me, and are free to use under a Creative Commons License. I've got icons for Digg, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, MySpace, and YouTube.
  • Imag ine a user who is really excited about your prod uct or ser vice. They’re ready to sign up, so they go to your form page and start fill ing out their infor ma tion. The way you align your labels with your form fields can affect how easy it is for users to fill out the form. Do you want to give users a quick, easy and pain less expe ri­ence or do you want to give them a has sle? If you want to make their expe ri ence quick, easy and pain less, con sider using top aligned labels for your form fields.
  • Here is a list of courses and innovative resources to help CS students, faculty, and instructors. These are examples of the training Google engineers use to learn new skills.
  • Cached Commons is a collection of user-contributed javascript libraries that have been cached, optimized, and hosted on Github’s fast CDN. If a library is missing from this collection, post a request on Github and we’ll add it immediately. The readme has all the details.
  • I’ve mentioned on and off that I don’t watch TV, and several readers have curiously asked me why I do that and how I manage life without TV. So I thought it’s about time I write an article on it. I haven’t been watching TV for a long time, since about 2006. By TV, I mean watching shows direct from TV networks or channel surfing. I still catch my favorite shows off DVD or online, though the frequency is decreasing. The last new shows I caught were Prison Break and Dollhouse (as I’m a fan of Joss Whedon’s work), both of which have ended their runs.
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    links for 2009-12-11

  • Web design is an increasingly important aspect of media and business. Because the Internet has become essential to the way we do business, find information and accomplish a number of other tasks, Web design truly is vital. And someone who understands Web design and can do a good job with it is valuable in a number of ways. If you are interested in improving your web design skills, here are 50 great open courseware classes for web designers: Computers and Computing 3484270250_0786d08606Understanding computers and computing is your first order of business. Here are some open courseware classes that can help give you a handle on computers:
  • Look, this may not be palatable, Gareth, and I keep trying to come up with a better way to put it, but the simplicity of things, at least from my perspective is this: George R.R. Martin is not your bitch. This is a useful thing to know, perhaps a useful thing to point out when you find yourself thinking that possibly George is, indeed, your bitch, and should be out there typing what you want to read right now. People are not machines. Writers and artists aren't machines. You're complaining about George doing other things than writing the books you want to read as if your buying the first book in the series was a contract with him: that you would pay over your ten dollars, and George for his part would spend every waking hour until the series was done, writing the rest of the books for you. No such contract existed. You were paying your ten dollars for the book you were reading, and I assume that you enjoyed it because you want to know what happens next. It seems to me that the bi
  • moosebutter is a four-man comedy a cappella group. They have won awards from the Contemporary A Cappella Society(Best Comedy Song, 2004), The Harmony Sweepstakes (2003 International Finals runners-up), had their music included on compilation albums (Doctor Demento Basement Tapes 2005, Sing II 2005) and played live shows in front of audiences around the United States. Their tight harmony and eclectic humor have charmed audiences through two albums and countless live performances. To handle all the performance requests they receive, moosebutter has several casts of performers. They perform with three, four, or five singers, depending on the show, and have done just about every kind of show you can imagine (Punk rock show? Check. National television? Check. Wedding reception? Check.).
  • Web Apps are hitting the internet by storm. There are so many around on the internet, running on many different frameworks. I have compiled a list of the top 10 web apps for web designers in 2009. They are ranked descending, so its saving the best until last. Remember that this is WebDesignDev’s opinion about what apps are the top 10. If you think another app should be number one, then we would love to hear it in a comment. Also, you may want to check out my very own web app called lushcloud that is currently being built for freelancers and small businesses. Anyway, enjoy the list and let me know what you think of our number one.
  • Our last top 10 list, titled “The Top 10 Web Applications For Web Designers In 2009” proved to be very successful, with over 450 retweets! So I have compiled another 2009 top 10 list. This time though, its Icon packs in the spotlight. Here is WebDesignDev’s top 10 free icon sets for web designers in 2009 list. Of course this is our own opinion, and not what web designers have voted on. If you think a different icon set deserves to be number 1, then feel free to drop us a comment telling us why. Anyway, enjoy the list!
  • Picture a world famous surgeon. Absolutely everybody has heard of this talented individual. She's performed countless surgeries, saved so many lives. She's renowned the world over for being a miracle worker. Now imagine she achieved this notable status while constantly making obvious mistakes with the scalpel. Would that happen? The equivalent of that happens in the world of web design every second. Spelling is one of the most crucial parts of writing, in fact it's one of the most crucial parts of any job that involves words! Thousands of web designers, in particular, make unforgivable spelling mistakes constantly. You can be the greatest designer on the planet, have the most intriguing concepts out there, create wonderfully thought provoking experiences for your users, but if you type something like 'I've been freelancing for a number off years', you honestly look like a five year old. To take that to an even further level of embarrassment, many of these same individuals can also
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