Thank you for visiting and patiently waiting on new posts since September of last year. The way posts show up on this blog is through a feature on Delicious.com called post to blog. Unfortunately, ever since the acquisition of del.icio.us by Avos.com, this feature has been missing. They rewrote the code of the whole site from the ground up and imported everyone’s account. I could criticize their obvious mistake in ‘reinventing the wheel‘ but it’s a cheap shot at a free service. Besides, depending on the terms of what they bought from Yahoo there may have been no other choice. I should just be glad the service didn’t disappear completely, as that looked possible for a bit.

I’m writing this post manually to log the fact that I’m tired of waiting on this feature to return on their schedule. As I’ve tried to explain on the About page, everything is automated and hinges on my Delicious links being congregated into daily updates that get posted here. Since this feature has not always worked with every blogging platform, there have always been workarounds. Today, I’m switching on one of those working options. For those interested in the technical method, I’m using Rick Cogley’s method which uses Feedburner.

Posting Delicious to Blogger via Feedburner

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Enter your Delicious RSS feed into Feedburner.
  2. Republish as a Feedburner feed, and adjust in Feedburner as you like, including publishing the feed via email on the Publicize tab.
  3. Subscribe to your Feedburner feed for your Delicious using your special post-to-Blogger email address. You can subscribe on the FeedBurner feed page – there’s a link to subscribe by email, and you can enter your email-to-blogger email address there.

That should do it. Enjoy!

I’m a little more complicated as my installation of WordPress here isn’t set up with an incoming email address, but that should be a quick fix.

Update: This isn’t working. It turns out that the post via email feature does not work with Gmail addresses, since Gmail requires SSL and WordPress doesn’t connect that way. At least, it is not working for me and it seems hit or miss for other folks with the same issue. I’ll leave it set up to see if it ever works, but in the meantime, I’m setting up tasks at ifttt to handle it.

In addition, I’m also setting up some tasks in ifttt to post any Flickr photos or YouTube videos I post to automatically show up here. I’m using a WordPress plugin to collect and post my Twitter feeds, but it currently doesn’t work. If I get it all working at once, it will be … so adjective it will verb nouns!

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