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  • The other day my fellow co-worker, Cameron, and I were discussing what the best way to style the hr tag? I usually try to use a div if I just need a line for presentation. But what if I need to style an hr that is used on an existing site. It is certainly easier to apply a simple style to the hr tag in the style sheet to make the change. However, each browser, as you can guess has a different way to render them. At first I thought it was Mozilla and the rest of its crew that was rendering the styles incorrectly. However, surprise surprise, it turned out to be IE that did it incorrectly in the end. Here are my solutions and examples on how to get the hr tag to render the same in the popular browsers. By default the hr tag is center-aligned. To align it left follow the example.
  • What I learned at work:  During an interview about green design for our Climate Desk podcast, Dwell magazine editor Aaron Britt dropped a word on me I hadn’t heard before: Retronym.  It means, “a word or phrase for something that now has to be specified because it is no longer identifiable in its original state.”  For example, the retronym “acoustic guitar” exists only because there are now electric guitars. Other retronyms include digital clock, sit-down restaurant, black-and-white photo. You get the idea.  Britt believes green design is a retronym because once upon a time homes were built with the environment in mind as opposed to how they are built now.  The invention of the word has been attributed to former NPR president and Robert Kennedy press aid,  Frank Mankiewicz, circa 1980.  Thinking of retronyms is a good time killer and I believe a great Scrabble word if you get lucky.
  • Eric Schmidt has confirmed that we could be getting “Google Me” sometime this Fall. This Google Me service will introduce what Google calls “a social layer” into online search, video and Google Maps. The Wall Street Journal and Reuters quote Google CEO Eric Schmidt saying the company will integrate social networking elements to its services. What’s interesting to me is that this doesn’t sound like it’s going to be a stand-alone product — it appears the plan is to weave some social goodness into Google’s existing product base. Squeezing social stuff into their already successful products is probably Google’s best shot at getting widespread adoption — as I imagine it would be extremely difficult to get 500 million users to see the value in a competing service, and then decide to switch. I am looking forward to see what Google’s got up it’s sleeve — and I’m hoping it’s going to knock my socks off. What do you think “Google Me” will look like?
  • There are many ways to play Super Mario Bros. 3.  This… is not one of them.  With Mario's 25th birthday just passed, it's nice to see some retro funniness coming out of the internet woodwork.  This new video from YouTube's Master0fHyrule shows exactly how not to get to the secret area in the clouds of level 1-3:
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