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  • Because everyone needs a little Chewbacca in their life.
  • Few companies are dedicated to making your advertising and printed material look good like we are. Founded in 1999, We have crafted a reputation for delivering high standards of printing work and a variety of complementary services and products to meet the demands of modern-day communications. We make a difference to our clients by always having their best interest in mind. From business cards, plastic cards, and postcards to lenticular card printing and usb business cards we always deliver superior and innovative solutions. Furthermore our graphic designers can always assist with good advice, tips and professional design service.
  • A different (maybe better) title for this might be: the most frequently banned topics on the internet. Below I present a set of questions that are so counter-intuitive that their very mention can set off the right audience into a complete flame war. Each of them has been known to paralyze various online communities resulting in monster threads and lots of insults (and in one case, the company stepping in to solve the dispute). You can tell the intellectual average of a community based upon the sophistication of the brain-exploding questions that give it fits.
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  • If you're a Windows user, it pretty much goes without saying that you've encountered a frozen program before. Often these jammed apps get labeled with the dreaded "Not Responding" message and simply refuse to do anything, even close. Usually, the only solution is to open the task manager, find the appropriate process, and choose to close it. Fortunately, a quicker and easier way exists. As the good people at Lifehacker have pointed out (with the aid of HaxAttack), you can create a desktop shortcut that will automatically close any "Not Responding" applications whenever you double-click the shortcut. Here's how to set it up — it's really easy: 1. Right click while on your desktop and select "create a new shortcut." 2. Quotes included, enter the following as the location: taskkill.exe /f /fi "status eq not responding" That's it. From here, you can change the icon to make it prettier, or even set a shortcut key if double-clicking is too much work for you. When you launch the sho
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