links for 2010-12-07

  • Today, 30 November 2010, the IANA allocated four /8s to the RIRs – 23/8 and 100/8 to ARIN and 5/8 and 37/8 to RIPE NCC. This leaves only seven /8s remaining in IANA free pool of IPv4 addresses, or 2.73% of the total. When the IANA IPv4 free pool has only five /8 blocks remaining, they will be simultaneously distributed to the five RIRs in accordance with global policy. This means that only two blocks remain to be handed out under the normal distribution method. With so little IPv4 address space left in the global free pool, ARIN continues to emphasize the need for all Internet stakeholders to adopt the next generation of Internet Protocol, IPv6. Visit for more information on IPv6 adoption, or contact us at with any questions.
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