links for 2011-01-02

  • With Delicious in purgatory, can anything bring the trend-setting social bookmarking site back to (even half of) its former glory, pre-Yahoo? Some are showing interest in buying it. Sources say Yahoo is going to get around to considering how to unload it in January. In the meantime, it’s just sort of… there. News that it was on the chopping block really put a dent in the site’s ability to stay relevant. Users have scrambled looking for a new place to store their bookmarks. Former employees are speaking out. The founder is willing to “help” but not willing to buy it back. What do they need to do to stay alive? It’s not up to them. Yahoo itself must do whatever it takes to keep the site alive, and if that means taking much less than the $15 million offer they passed on last year, so be it. Investors are looking at it as a sub-$5 million purchase, which isn’t enough to scratch an itch amongst Yahoo’s other financial pains. And yet, they must.