links for 2010-06-05

  • French psychologists recently spent some time analyzing Darth Vader (we're not sure why) and determined that the Sith Lord was mentally ill, according to LiveScience. Specifically they say he probably has a borderline personality, described by Wikipedia "as a prolonged disturbance of personality function in a person (generally over the age of eighteen years, although it is also found in adolescents), characterized by depth and variability of moods." The psychologists are going to publish their findings in the journal Psychiatry Research, but LiveScience has a preview: Skywalker hit six out of the nine borderline personality disorder criteria as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, fourth edition (DSM-IV). He only needed to meet five criteria to qualify as suffering from the disorder. For instance, the future Darth Vader showed both impulsivity and anger management issues as an overexcited, lovelorn Jedi. He went back and forth between idealiz
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