links for 2010-02-20

  • Most of the time, L'Osservatore Romano, the newspaper of the Vatican City, publishes news about the Vatican's day-to-day operations and rad new encyclicals (I wonder if they have a gossip section). But in an apparent effort to reach out to younger readers/parishioners/converts, they have listed their top ten albums of all time. It's a bit of a 180 from the establishment's previously staid stance on rock & roll (although Pope Benedict XVI's predecessor, John Paul II, was known to hang out with rock stars on occasion. And so we get a "semi-serious" look at the best of rock & roll, courtesy of the Vatican:
  • A Google Maps Essay, in Which George Plimpton Delivers My Belated and Well-Deserved Comeuppance by Dinty W. Moore First published in The Normal School, January 2010: . 17,051 views – Public Created on Jun 12, 2009 – Updated Jan 21
  • There’s good news and bad news about the state of public education in the United States. While the greatest gains have been made in Math and Science education from 1995 to 2003, most Americans still only give public schools a below-average grade. Take a graphic look at America’s Report Card on Education to see how public education in the U.S. stacks up against the rest of the world.
  • In recent years Internet Explorer 6 has become the browser web designers love to hate. Security issues, JavaScript errors and inexplicable CSS rendering quirks have made it the brunt of many jokes. With IE6 in its twilight and big companies like Google dropping support, it seems like a good time to take a fond look back at our old foe. In this post we’re looking at what Internet Explorer 6 used to be and why its image changed over the years. You can also see the comic in a larger version. Do we need to review our projects in Internet Explorer 6? Can we stop supporting IE6? If not, how do we handle those users who are still using IE6? And if yes, how can we prompt IE6 users to upgrade? Or how do we convince those who don’t allow their employees to get rid of the legacy browser to upgrade? What do you think? We are looking forward to your opinions in the comments to this post!
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