links for 2010-11-24

  • Starting a new web design project, even when you have someone else actually doing the design and coding for you, can be an intimidating proposition. If your company does not have an existing website you are likely wondering “Where do I start?” If you have an existing website it makes the task a bit easier – but your objective is to bring a fresh perspective, so you don’t want to rely on what you already have too much. The more you can understand about your objectives and be prepared to communicate these objectives to the web design agency building your website, the better the final product will be. At the Loud Few, we work with many clients in St. Louis and throughout the world to meet their web design and online marketing objectives. Regardless if you are working with us, another agency, or a group within your company, here’s a checklist of areas to think about when starting a website design project: Read more: The Loud Few – How to Prep for Your Web Design Project
  • As the sole e-commerce manager for my company, I’m tasked with developing and implementing plans with goals to increase: revenue, customers, transactions, average sale value, referrals, and feedback. Each of these metrics are, bottom-line, sales objectives. To put it simply: we aim to increase business. There are so many tactics and activities used in e-commerce it can be overwhelming. You want a strategy to reach your audience, ensure your store converts into buyers, and foster these new relationships. Leveraging each steps of the sales process effectively against your resources (time and budget) is what will raise the bar on your goals. What we need is a simple, surefire way to manage all of our marketing tactics. I like simple, and it is our company culture to cut out waste. With those ideals in mind, here is a series I developed to help you strategize, prioritize, manage, and measure all elements of your your own e-commerce marketing plan.
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