links for 2010-10-30

  • Maurice Murphy, who died yesterday, is an essential part of the soundtrack to your musical life – even if you don't realise it. Maurice was principal trumpeter of the London Symphony Orchestra for 30 years, from 1977-2007, and you have sung along to his unmistakable, brilliant sound even if you have never knowingly been to the Barbican to hear the LSO in the flesh. It's his trumpet playing you hear blazing over the soundtracks to all six Star Wars films, and it was his playing for John Williams on the first film – his first gig with the orchestra – that made Williams stick with the LSO for his future movies. But Murphy's playing was always cosmic in its splendour, as anyone will know who heard him with the brass section of the LSO in the countless concerts and recordings they made together.
  • Today on the Twitter blog, the company wrote a post that was all of three sentences to let people know about their new logos. Yay! But there’s actually quite a bit more to it then it seems. If you follow the link they provide to Guidelines page, you’ll find some interesting tidbits.
  • Mike Pantoliano of Distilled had a good post over at SEOmoz about how to turn Google Analytics into your own rank tracker. We have been playing with the cd= parameter at Yoast before to track SEO rankings, as Mike also notes, and his improvement on the idea is a welcome one. In the comments, my buddy Richard Baxter immediately suggested this would be a good addition to the Google Analytics for WordPress plugin. The "problem" was/is that Mike's example was in PHP, doing the rank recognition server side. This won't work, as we all use W3 Total Cache to cache our pages, right? And then, we'd be storing the same rank over and over again, or no rank at all, or, well you get it, mayhem ensues.
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