links for 2009-12-12

  • With the Chrome Extensions gallery now fully up and running, the number of awesome extensions is multiplying at a rapid rate. What I've tried to do here is offer up the best, most useful and the must-have extensions for Google Chrome. To use the extensions you will need to install the Beta if you're under Windows, or the Developer build for Mac. Linux users will also need the Beta version. Google has a quick walkthrough that I suggest you read, if you're new to extensions — but mostly, it's just a matter of installing the Beta (30 seconds), clicking the links in this article and hitting 'yes'. Easy enough, right? Share8 The main thing you'll notice from this list of extensions is that all the big Firefox add-on developers are now on-board with Chrome. It's still very early days but the offerings are already surprisingly extensive. There's something for everyone in this list, I assure you.
  • Since previous article about CSS text effects got really big attention I decided to research and find more interesting articles and websites just focused on CSS3, teaching you how to use it, showing pros and cons and much more. To be honest it’s hard for me to keep up with technologies myself, but we really cannot not to use those new great selectors to make our designs even more beautiful, user-friendly and lightweighted. However since HTML5 is sort of tied with CSS3, I will soon continue with HTML5 article as well, so don’t miss it and keep coming back! Enjoy!
  • Smart webmasters do not work everything out from scratch; instead, we make good use of the free tools available online. There are tons of brilliant web tools available online – it’s a waste not to leverage these tools and save some working time (or, to have more time for beer). In this article, I’m going to share my must-have list of 30 web design tools, I hope you’ll find them useful. On the other hand, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the developers who had done some much and made our world better.
  • You spend your life fighting depression; it\'s the default human condition. The shit we buy, the people we hang around with, fuck and even love are just means to an end, a way to stave off the crushing loneliness that is to be alone and unloved. We buy into the idea of happiness as portrayed by the mass media, that happiness is found through social engagement, through the expenditure of the money we earn working for multi-millionaires that don\'t know us, don\'t care. If we live or die, we haven\'t made a mark on the world. We check Facebook compulsively, Twitter about our breakfasts and talk to our friends and coworkers about wild parties, prospective mates and expensive purchases: Attempts to show our sociability, our ability to fit in, our willingness to buy into this great corporate dream. If you want my advice, write something. Draw something. Tell someone something. Do something, ANYTHING, that will outlive this culture, that will transcend its boundaries and touch someone.
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