links for 2009-09-10

  • One-page websites, or “one-pagers” as I like to call them have proven to be a very simple and effective way of relaying all needed information effectively. An issue with the standard website is that visitors need to go through a plethora of different pages before they find the information they are looking for, whilst if a visitor where to go to a one-page website, he/she knows that if the information they’re looking for isn’t available on that single page, it is not stated at all. It is also makes the experience of visiting your website much easier to just have everything on a single page, and because of this, it’s becoming much more popular with design portfolios in particular. But not only are the designers picking up on this phenomena, and I’ve also seen some company websites adopting this trend also.
  • While checking out the website for Park Community Church in Chicago yesterday, Daniel noticed something interesting. On the site’s prominent “I’m New to Park” page, visitors find these words: Looking for a church? We understand there’s not a “one size fits all” church for everyone. So here’s a list of other churches you should include in your search. Wow. That’s the coolest thing I’ve seen on a church website — a local church providing new folks with a list of other local churches to consider. (I’m not saying Park is the first or only church to do this — that really doesn’t matter — I’ve just never seen it before.) By telling me about other churches in the area, Park actually tells me a lot about itself as an organization. Park Community Church, we applaud you. For everyone else, we’re not mad at you for not posting a similar list on your site … but it’s something you should at least consider. In fact, I’d be interested to hear from you guys on this
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