links for 2009-08-15

  • In 1998 I worked behind a counter at a popular restaurant where take out was busy in the evenings. Now in those days the process was: Fax machine * Call the restaurant and ask for a menu to be faxed to you * I would run to the back of the restaurant and fax the menu * The customer studies the menu and calls us back with the order. and then the fax machine broke. I wish I could say all hell broke loose, but small businesses have an exceptional way of coping with challenges and moving quickly, so we just called our sister restaurant and faxed our menu to them and had them fax the customers. Of course this was a temporary fix. At this time I was also getting more and more interested in the online stuff. I used AOL, I had just bought my first PC and was figuring out html. We brainstormed and bought a domain name from Network Soutions of course and then with the help of a geek friend put up a website. (Now preserved in the Internet Archive.) Now as people called for directi
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  • International Space Station comes together
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