links for 2009-06-04

  • Moon – A Film by Duncan Jones – Starring Sam Rockwell
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  • — the hottest videos on the internet right now
  • A good search engine ranking will generates more organic traffic to your site.If you are using WordPress, don’t worry. WordPress already did the hard part for you. But, there are some SEO features that aren’t implemented in WordPress core. You can easily archeive these features by installing plugins. It is totally up to you that how much plugins you need to install in order to get a better search engine ranking. But try to keep the amount to minimum so that you won’t crash your server. Today, we are going to look into 13 WordPress plugins that will increase your search engine ranking.
  • Deep within the source code of WordPress lies an endless list of useful functions just waiting for you to use them in your theme or plugin. The problem is, most people don’t know they exist, probably because the Codex is ridiculously underdeveloped, and most people hate looking through source code. Luckily for you, reading the WordPress source code is a hobby of mine. So, I compiled a list of some of my favorites. Some are simple and can be used by pretty much everyone; others have less common uses; but, all of them are incredibly useful.
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