links for 2009-06-03

  • I just gave a talk at WordCamp San Francisco 2009. Thanks to Matt Mullenweg and the Automattic folks for a great time! I think there will be a video up soon, but if you want to browse the slides in the mean time, here they are:
  • New York—When it comes to garnering conversions, senior marketing executives view search engine optimization, pay-per-click (PPC) and e-mail tactics as the three most effective tools, according to a new study by Forbes Media. Respondents to Forbes’ survey rated ad networks and video ads as least effective. Among other study highlights, brand perception was considered most influenced by sponsorships and pay-per-impression programs in digital publications. Ad networks and PPC search were rated least effective. The low rating of ad networks in support of both conversion and brand perception is due to its primary role in demand fulfillment rather than demand creation, according to Forbes. The study, “Ad Effectiveness Survey,” polled marketers online in February and March on their attitudes toward digital marketing. It generated 112 responses.
  • The problem has boggled the minds of Web designers for years: fixed, fluid, elastic or a hybrid layout design? Each option has its benefits and disadvantages. But the final decision depends so much on usability that it is not one to be made lightly. So, with all the confusion, is there a right decision? By considering a few factors and properly setting up the final design, you can end up with a successful layout design that reaps all the benefits. This article discusses the pros and cons of each type of layout. Either one can be used to make a successful website layout, as long as you keep usability in mind.
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