links for 2009-01-20

  • From the official wget homepage: "GNU Wget is a free software package for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, the most widely-used Internet protocols. It is a non-interactive commandline tool, so it may easily be called from scripts, cron jobs, terminals without Xsupport, etc." While you can get Windows binaries from Heiko Herold's page, the binaries here are tweaked a bit so they operate somewhat better on Windows. The following changes, compared to the official distribution, were retained/added since 1.8.2: * Statically linked with (masm optimized) OpenSSL 0.9.8i, which makes wget.exe completely stand-alone. * Compressed with UPX 1.07 for smaller filesize It seems the rfc1738 problems on Windows (see below) were fixed in wget 1.9, so there is no longer a need to edit the source code.
  • A REVOLUTIONARY AND EASY TO USE MUSIC PLAYER THAT PLAYS AUDIO ON YOUR WEBSITE. Adds audio to your site with one line of HTML Uses simple, easy-to-hack HTML instead of complicated proprietary markup, ushering in the REAL Media Web Magical floating design never gets lost, is available when you need it, gets out of your way when you don't need it Automatically finds all audio links on your page, turning your page into a playlist Plays all your blog entries with a single button click Allows you to put the play buttons where they belong: IN CONTEXT Keeps the user in the page rather than sending them away to a media player Picks up your images and adds them as cover art Requires no download, install or maintenance
  • POWER SOURCES DIVINE: Sorceror-Kings and Primordials (Elemental-Lords) are the only one who fill this power source. They are no Gods who can touch Athas. ARCANE: Action to Preserve and to Defile are unique arcane aspect on Athas. Arcane Magic defile the land by default. To preserve the land is to consciously make an effort to shape the magic. Defile = No action. Land die within a Burst around the caster. At-will powers/Heroic Arcane Rituals = Burst 1; Encounter powers/Paragon Arcane Rituals = Burst 3; Daily powers/Epic Arcane Rituals = Burst 5. Preserve = Minor Action. Done before (take slowly the magical energies) or after the spell (give back what's left of it) PRESERVING & DEFILING HEROIC FEATS Preserving Magic: You now preserve with spending an action to do it. Defiling Magic: Every time you defile, you now gain your Int modifier as temporary hit points from the leftover power of the land that you keep.
  • The WordPress 5-minute install is great, nothing complicated about getting your blog up and running (most of the time). But once you install WordPress there are a number of other steps that you need to take in order to get the most from your blog. Use the following as a to-do checklist for your future installations and you'll keep yourself right. 1. Change the Admin Password and Manage Your Authors Wordpress gives you some random concoction of a password that you're *never* going to remember so the first thing you need to do is change this to something memorable. Manage your user settings via the Users panel, and you can add any additional blog authors here.
  • Behold the Greatest Workstation of All Time: the Emperor. I mean, come on, anything that looks like it can control a turbolaser battery or fire a giant anti-matter death ray must be the greatest workstation of all time, period. But according to Patrick Laflamme Duval—business developer for manufacturer Novelquest—the name is not a Star Wars nod, but a reference to the emperor scorpion's tail:
  • The Sexy Curls jQuery Plugin! is an open-source jQuery plugin by Elliott Kember which lets you share in the beauty of the page fold. You want a demo page? You're looking at it. The source code is available at GitHub.
  • If you're a webmaster and you've ever needed to submit your link to an online directory or link exchange which limits the number of characters or number of words that you can use for your site description, you surely know what a nuisance it can be to add up words or characters! For that reason, we offer the following "cut and paste" free online word count and character counting tools together on one handy page to help you to quickly determine the number of words and characters contained in any phrase.
  • Your domain name is a powerful business asset. Are you doing everything you can with it? Does it help you compete online? Answer 3 quick questions to find out!
  • I know that there are many resources regarding this topic but there are never enough. This post is dedicated to small snippets from WordPress that will make your life easier. Or maybe my life easier and in this case I want to have them in one single post. In a way I’m trying to help you and in another I’m trying to organize this stuff for myself.
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