links for 2009-01-18

  • 2008 has been a rough ride for many of us, but typographically it has been a triumph. Proudly broadcasting from our much praised new website, MyFonts has observed a continued increase in font quality. Our foundries haven’t disappointed: old friends have continued to deliver excellent stuff; and several well-respected foundries, as well as many promising new ones, have joined MyFonts to enlarge our choice of excellent typefaces. This newsletter lists the year’s most successful fonts in each genre. Based on sales numbers, it was ultimately put together by you, our faithful customers. Thanks for being part of the jury!
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  • Colors – it sets the tone (no pun intended) and message of a website. Designers often spend hours, even days, researching and coming up with a harmonious and usable color scheme. In this collection, you’ll find 30 brilliant (alright – pun intended) web designs with vivid and colorful themes that evoke feelings of vivacity and dynamism – to inspire your color palette.
  • Beautiful and creative website footer designs from all over the world.
  • Background patterns play an important role in the design process. You can make Your work easier with online background pattern tools. Keep in mind that their capacity is not like that of graphic programs however, if You need striped, dotted or tiled backgrounds they are really useful and faster than others. I have listed all online free background pattern generators which I use when I want to create striped, tiled, tartan or dotted backgrounds.
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