links for 2008-10-27

  • We all know Luke Skywalker as the main protagonist throughout the original Star Wars movies and onward into the novels of questionable quality. We all grew up wanting to be him—learning to use the Force, blowing up the Death Star, saving the galaxy. But the thing is, despite all his badass moments, he actually kind of sucks. Perhaps not as much as his father Anakin, but that could be due to Mark Hamill’s acting ability, in that he can act. Sure with the emotional music and all the screen time Luke Skywalker seems to be the hero, but really he’s an idiot who makes bad decisions and has a series of terrible ideas, and he's lucky it all kind of works out for him, his friends, and the Rebel Alliance in the end.
  • Shortly after I selected Monster Commerce as my e-commerce solution, it was announced that Network Solutions had acquired the company. Apparently I wasn’t the only one that thought they had some potential. NS put a big emphasis on the next version of the cart software, and in 2007 they announced that existing MC customers would be migrated to the new software sometime in 2008.
  • On October, 29, 2008 from 1 p.m. until approximately 3:30 p.m. EST. , Network Solutions proudly presents the "Solutions Stars Video Conference," a series of videos and live discussions featuring 32 of the world's leading business and marketing experts. The live video conference will coach small business owners and entrepreneurs on how the Internet can benefit their business. Nine content areas featuring vignettes of the Solutions Stars will run during the conference:
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