links for 2008-07-11

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  • If you find a really good article, try copying and pasting the full URL to above. Often times you will be able to find related articles. As an example click here to find the related articles to Jesse James Garrett’s “Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applicatio
  • Smart video collections keep appearing on YouTube. But rather antithetical to the ethos of its parent company (Google), YouTube unfortunately makes these collections difficult to find. So we’ve decided to do the job for them. These enriching/educational
  • We extracted the colours from 3 million “interesting” Flickr images. Using our visual similarity technology you can navigate the collection by colour. Also available with Alamy Stock Photography. Check out the FAQ. Have feedback?
  • Looking for stamina, accuracy, and mad skills on the fingerboard in just a few minutes a day? 1. Choose a Root Note – or just leave them all checked to get exercises in a random key. 2. Choose a Scale type, like Major or Pentatonic Minor 3. Choose whether
  • We’re proud to offer a new line of Christian based apparel. We think you’ll agree that we’re not just a T-Shirt company. We take design very seriously–in fact, we like to think of it as Intelligent Design. Please browse around our site and see some of th
  • Often, the hardest part about quitting your job is figuring out if and when you should go. Having been through this many times, I’ve picked out some of the fail-safe warning signs. Enjoy.
  • People ask me, occasionally, how I reconcile using “off colour” language with being a Christian. My answer is that I don’t think the former affects the latter, so I don’t have to reconcile anything…but that usually just pisses people off. Instead, I hav
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