links for 2008-07-10

  • This guy plays Owner of a Lonely Heart by Yes and Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson
  • What you are about to watch is wrong on every level. Some woman, pissed that her fiancé is in Vegas blowing money on gambling and strippers (a man’s God-given right), decided to destroy his most prized possession — a scout Stormtrooper figure. Needless
  • Firefox add-on developers have created some impressive applications that can replace larger, bloated programs. These add-ons can help if you have a small amount of precious hard drive space or you are on a tight budget and don’t have cash to fork out fo
  • Most top managers know they should be doing a better job of building the superior organization they want. They may not, however, know what more successful managers are doing—or how to do it themselves. And while most would agree that their business’s
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