links for 2008-01-22

  • It appears that usage of the 301 redirect is one of the most misunderstood tasks in SEO, mainly because it is something that is more geared to webmasters. There is also still some nervousness because the 301 redirect has a dark past and many do not trust
  • Back in October I took this photo, in front of our house. A cool scene, bright colors and a double rainbow. After seeing this picture on my Flickr page, I received an e-mail from Marco who asked me about the post process of this image. Now here is my answ
  • 09 – rod & the satalites – she cares
  • Much like Gmail, Google Reader and Google’s other products, Google Calendar is fast becoming the application of choice for users all over the world. With great functionality and integration with Google’s other products it’s no wonder its popularity
  • There are 4 relatively easy ways by which you can speed up the time it takes a browser to download a page: * Make fewer HTTP requests * Add a far-future expires header * Gzip your page’s components * Minify your JavaScript, CSS and HTML Following on from
  • ASP Resources from The Complete Webmaster
  • This post is the third in a continuing series of DIY tutorials, which aims to make things as simple as possible. The [Easy as Pie] series focuses on tasks that most people consider too challenging and presents it in a way that is easy (as pie!) to underst
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