links for 2007-01-25

  • Microsoft Photo Info is a new software add-in for Microsoft Windows that allows photographers to add, change and delete common “metadata” properties for digital photographs from inside Windows Explorer. It also provides enhanced “hover tips” and additiona
  • The handmade starwars The work which was produced with a film(Super-8) in 1990 It is not my work
  • The Sun is midway through its stable hydrogen burning phase known as the main sequence. But when the Sun enters the red giant phase in around 5 billion years things are going to get a lot rougher in the Earth-Moon system.
  • Lucretia Mac Evil, little girl, what’s your game? Hard luck and trouble, bound to be your claim to fame Tail shakin, home breakin truckin through town Each and every country mother’s son hangin round Drive a young man insane Evil, that’s your name
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