links for 2006-10-03

  • Stormwind City, Eastern Kingdoms. (ANN) Citing several reports, the Knights of the Silver Hand have been receiving reports from their ranks of exploitation. Several Paladins have expressed discomfort, dismay and disappointment in the way they have been tr
  • Being the long-time Final Fantasy fan that I am, I had to try it. They begged me, pleaded with me. Offered to buy me lunch. But to no avail! I ventured forth and paid the price for this shard of the great crystal idol that Final Fantasy has become… (…
  • Funny Quizzes and Blog Memes. The #1 Site for Hilarious Quizzes – Which freaky subway person are you? – Which freaky subway person are you?
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  • In all the years I’ve listened to Janis Joplin, I realized tonight I’d never really seen a live performance of hers. I tracked down these clips from YouTube, and needless to say they’re moving. Now I understand why people say she paved the way for so many
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