links for 2006-09-30

  • SAN DIEGO, Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ — today enters territory closely guarded by LivePerson, WebTrends, and Trillian. ChatStat offers free 2-way live chat with your website visitors, free MovingGraph(TM) website statistics, and free instant mess
  • Press releases used to be written exclusively for editors at your target publications. Not any more. Now, press releases should be just as compelling for your end users and – by extension – the search engines, as for the editor. Download your copy of “5 T
  • Search Studio 8 Documentation – Search for an item in the documentation, the documentation website, or the Knowledge Base of Support and Developer content.
  • Updaters Updaters and hot fixes for the following versions are available on this page. Updates by version: * Dreamweaver 8 * Dreamweaver MX 2004 * Dreamweaver MX * Dreamweaver 4 * Dreamweaver 3 * Extensions Fixes
  • Noryungi writes, “It seems the alien invasion of the Earth has just started! A 50-meter insect has been spotted roaming the German countryside! Let the ‘I, for one, welcome our new giant insectoid overlords’ joke contest begin!” A moderator at a Keyhole f
  • This image was most likely downloaded from the internet, though I don’t know it’s source. It is dated 2006/01/30. Apparently a little research has enlightened me. Starting here, Nebulosa del Cangrejo, I discovered this is the Crab Nebula.
  • Amazingly, the Internet has the potential to help your ministry reach out to people in your church, your community, and even across the globe. Unfortunately too many church and ministries struggle with this powerful medium. Lacking the technical staff and
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