links for 2009-12-31

  • Got a job that's totally boring but pays the bills? Hold onto it. But don't use it as an excuse NOT to go after your dream of being self-employed doing something you love. A common misconception about successful independent workers is that one day, in dramatic fashion, they quit their dayjob, hung a shingle, and lived happily ever after. The truth is, most freelancers start off moonlighting, volunteering, interning, and doing client work at night and on weekends in addition to a nine-to-five gig. If you fantasize about living the freelancer life, you can do the sameā€”even in a recession, starting now. Let's turn some of your free time into a new career without giving up the steady paycheck. Freelancing in a Recession: Inroads and Safety Nets Armies of employees have gotten laid off in the past year, and when you're one of the survivors still on payroll, the natural instinct is to feel grateful you were spared, hunker down, and not make a peep. The idea of looking for contract work whe
  • Produce your own electronic music – free of charge & browser-based
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