links for 2010-12-25

  • This morning I saw a couple of tweets from @seangaffney and @maxvoltar about the CSS text-rendering property, which is in the W3C Working Draft. Aesthetically Loyal has outlined the differences in kerning pairs and browser support for text-rendering: optimizeLegibility; quite nicely, and after seeing how well capital As, Vs, Ys and Ts display I had to test it for myself. Similar to Kyle Meyer’s experiment, I noticed a significant improvement and added the property to my body CSS for this site.  Overall, type looks much tighter and successive capital letters, like “CSS”, seem more evenly spaced.  Firefox uses optimizeLegibility by default for font sizes 20px or larger and I agree with Paul Irish’s thought that Webkit should do the same.
  • A lot of shit happens in comic books, and a lot of shit happens in real life, so every once in a while they're bound to coincide, right? That still doesn't explain some of the freaky stuff comics have gotten right. Like…
  • Sam Brown is an interface designing standardista from Edinburgh, Scotland who specialises in usability and web standards, is a geek and loves all things technology. Get in touch!
  • Transparency is one of those things that can really add depth and make a website design pop – when it’s done right of course! We’ve collected 40 websites that make great use of transparency. Some of them are using transparent PNGs and others are using the CSS opacity property. Enjoy!
  • Attracting customers to your website is the first concern for any business, and the initial step would be design the best website making it a grand one, but this may not always give you the desired results. Keeping today’s competition and creativity in mind, new ways are designed every where to keep the business on the move. One such new move is the E-mail Newsletter Designs. Newsletter, the word may sound boring or spam to you, but an attractive newsletter design is sure to give visitors a second thought for your website. But be careful, about choosing the right design since inbox is always flooded with e-mails and your mail could be the one among them. Your newsletter design should be able to convey the information at the first glance without forcing the visitor to read till the last and explain your discounts, updates or any information u want to convey.
  • Video.ME by Go Daddy is a growing video-sharing community where you can easily post videos to the Web and share them with your family and friends on Video.ME–or on your Web site or blog, via email, or through a variety of social networking sites.
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