links for 2010-11-01

  • Web type is exploding all over the web but CSS currently doesn't offer complete down-to-the-letter control. So we created a jQuery plugin to give you that control. Here are a few example of what can easily be done with Lettering.js:
  • Presenting the LightSaber Umbrella. Perfect for those days and nights when the clouds hang low, and the air is dark and misty. The LightSaber Umbrella not only keeps you dry and protects you from the elements, it also helps light the way. And it just looks really cool and futuristic, too. (In case you haven't figured it out yet, the shaft actually lights up.  Which means that you can see those Replicants coming. And better yet, automobile traffic can see you coming. Either way, you'll be that much safer with the LightSaber Umbrella from Dillyeo.
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