links for 2010-09-09

  • Websites are being used more and more effectively everyday to promote Products, Services, Ideas and countless. A well-designed website is very important for the growth of a business and often to create a clear image of a brand. Here are the 10 Awesome, inspiring and creative website design. There are many other awesome designs which we will be covering later.
  • There are many people who claims WordPress Blogs better than Blogger Blog. The main reason behind this is it’s flexibility and our capability to edit the core source of the WordPress blog, which is not available for Blogger Blogs. There are several posts in internet who gives all those non-sense reasons to choose WordPress over Blogger, with some reasons like low quality themes, less flexible, no good plugins and author’s love over the money that he’ve invested in hosting for his blog makes him to post good articles. These kinds of reviews are usually done by WordPress Fans. A blog in simple terms is a web log with some text, images, videos and audios. Where Pyra Lab’s Blogger is the first blog system in the world internet history. Later Google purchased it just 11 years ago. Later other blogging platforms started to rise up copying the features of Blogger.
  • Let’s get real for a second here. As far as web languages go, CSS is arguably the simplest. I mean, really, what could be easier than a simple list of properties affecting an element? And the syntax is almost like written English. Want to change the font size? There’s a font-size CSS property. How about the color? There’s the color property. But despite its deceptively easy exterior, CSS is one complicated system, especially when you’re doing it in a professional, high-scale, high-performance level. The sheer number of ways to select an element is amazing; not to mention the number of properties you can apply to that selected element set and then how presentation changes when you’re talking about supporting multiple browsers and layout engines.
  • Top Ten Free Online Tools For Web Developers In this collection I would like to show you very handy and useful online applications for developers and web masters. If you are a developer you will love these freely available online applications. Using them you can improve the quality and accuracy of your development work. You might also like to view : Top 16 Free Online Tools for Designers or Top 20 Free Business Web Applications I hope you’ll like them all!
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