links for 2010-01-11

  • * With so few jobs currently available and so many people currently hoping to fill those jobs, standing out in an interview is of utmost importance. While jobs themselves are scarce, job advice is overly abundant. And with an influx of information comes an influx of confusion. What career counsel do you take, and what do you ignore? There are a number of common misconceptions related to interview best practices, experts say. Kera Greene of the Career Counselors Consortium and executive coach Barbara Frankel offer tips below that can help you stand out from other interview subjects, avoid frequent pitfalls, and secure the job. Myth #1: Be prepared with a list of questions to ask at the close of the interview. There is some truth in this common piece of advice: You should always be prepared, and that usually includes developing questions related to the job. The myth here is that you must wait until it is "your turn" to speak. By waiting until the interviewer asks you if you have any
  • Replenish your graphic design arsenal with this week’s freshest design picks. Get on the creative groove by downloading free textures, brushes, fonts, icons and even WordPress themes for your design projects. Spread the good news by bookmarking, tweeting and sharing this post!
  • Google owns our Internet Whether we like it or not, “Google” is almost synonymous with “Internet”. Year after year, Google has developed enough online applications for us to be able to do anything you need to, by only using Google Google is almost synonymous with Internet Now we have a search engine, an online email service, an IM service, a blogging platform, photo and video sharing applications, a feed reader, an online word processor, an encyclopedia, a web site creator, an online directory and even an Internet browser! Not to mention His PPC advertising system, its main source of revenue. Now look at the list above. It´s pretty long, isn´t it? Well you know what? It´s only 10% of the programs, applications, widgets or services Google provides today. Internet without Google? Now the question is: would it be the Internet possible without Google?
  • Bear and Fox follows the adventures of two best friends; a bird named Bear and a snake named Fox. Bear’s name comes from his loud, boisterous nature. Fox’s name refers to his clever, thoughtful disposition. They’ve known each other forever. Their personalities and tastes sometimes clash but they always have fun adventures and they are friends to the end.
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