Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-22

  • There is only 4gb left on this computer. It started with 250gb. Ugh. Must get larger hard drive to replace it or dump a whole lotta stuff. #
  • Just a warning, if you decide to let your 8-month-old use your computer, they can be pretty violent with the keyboard. BANG BANG BANG BANG! #
  • Sammy typed: uy vhg dut xvcer k XZEWDSDtrgf zgdf r f ve  b az~? .S X3w24$#????????? vv/ ' 3q.423ewzzzzzzzxzHGR]E XC[]RE \ 5 \\\\\\I ] V0B #
  • In the style of @wilw { ME: What will happen if I let my 8-month-old son type on the computer? HIM: ,? L055,2350000000000000 .2 .0 4789+ } #
  • The Wii Fit says BMI is 40.67 (-0.04) Weight is 253.x (-0.2) #WiiFitAge is 27 (-7). Small moves… #PublicHumiliationDiet #
  • Quote by Francis Bacon: He that will not apply new remedies, must expect new evils: for Time is the greatest… #
  • I like this game, but the most difficult parts are timing the long jumps. 2,188,459 points. #
  • Quote by Thomas La Mance: Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans. #
  • There was no Twitter #WhenIWasLittle There was no Internet #WhenIWasLittle There was no 24-hour news #WhenIWasLittle #
  • I don't know anything about Keith Olbermann. But I agree w/ this: There Is No 'Ground Zero Mosque' via @youtube #
  • Another of my goals for #WeightLoss and #PublicHumiliationDiet is to be able to wear my wedding ring again. #
  • Slipped a bit. BMI: 40.71 (40.14). Weight: 253.x (+3.5). #WiiFitAge 38 (+4). No excuses, just more exercise. #PublicHumiliationDiet #
  • Hooray for Verizon Billing, they just got schooled in math! #
  • Hooray for Verizon Billing! They just got schooled in math! [mp3] #
  • Character matters. Don't do business with people you can't trust. This advice will never change, no matter what … #
  • If I knew WHY the stupid thing doesn't work, it would mean that I'd already fixed it. I'll let u know after it's fixed. #ThingsISay #tech #
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