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  • After almost 19 years of performing together, The Gas House Gang is currently retired and will no longer be performing. After losing baritone Rob Henry to cancer in 2003, the GHG decided that it would not be the same without him. The gang was able to sing on all shows booked through 2005 thanks to the help of some very talented men who filled in for Rob. A huge THANK YOU goes out to: Michael Slamka / Brandon Guyton / Tony DeRosa DJ Hiner / Jonny Moroni and Kevin Keller for their help and support. The GHG has performed in all 50 states and 15 different countries. They have five recordings to their credit that have been top sellers in a cappella catalogs such as Primarily A Cappella and Mainely A Cappella. They have also received awards and nominations from CASA (Contemporary A Cappella Society). See our CARA (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards) Nominations and Awards HERE. Having shared the stage with such distinguished performers as The Four Freshmen, The Swingle Singers, Ro
  • It’s a fact of life that when people hire a web designer, they don’t just want a website, they want a website that does something! There can be a world of difference between these two things. The "action" they need the website to take for them can be one of several common things: selling products for their business (an e-commerce site), generating sales leads, and/or providing free information in the hope that the visitor will make a purchase from the company at a later date. An Introduction to Website Split Testing These aims differ slightly for some sites, like non-profits, blogs and communities; however business sites in general aim to generate revenue by one of the above methods. Sometimes the client will split up these functions between two separate businesses – the website development will be taken care of by "Best Ever Web Designers Incorporated", while the marketing is done by "Your Ad Here Pty Ltd". However, if the push towards action (marketing) is created at the web desig
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