links for 2010-12-13

  • Create a simple CSS folded-corner effect without images or extra markup. It works well in all modern browsers and is best suited to designs with simple colour backgrounds.
  • I know you may not like Wikileaks and view what they did as irresponsible and harmful. I want to take the time to give you all a second opinion on the situation. I want to express why I feel the media is horribly misrepresenting this issue. I have heard in news reports the accusations of Wikileaks being a hacker organization or indiscriminately leaking 250,000 diplomatic cables. They have been blatantly lying about leaks themselves, Wikileaks, and Julian Assange. Let's get the facts straight before jumping to conclusions or forming opinions. Wikileaks is a journalist organization who's mission is to help whistleblowers remain anonymous. Julian Assange, an Australian citizen, is the site's public figure. Here's a short list of previous publishings that wikileaks has been lauded for: * Systematic killings and disappearances by the Kenyan Government; this leak changed the Kenyan election. * Illegal Cayman Island activities of the Swiss Bank Julius Baer.
  • Your browser of choice may have changed a lot in the past year, but luckily the best extensions for making your browser better have kept up with all the most popular browsers. Here are our cross-platform, must-have favorites. Last time we looked at our favorite browser extensions, we only looked at Firefox. A lot has changed in a year, and now our favorite-extension pool has expanded to several other browsers.
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