links for 2010-12-15

  • In May 2003, Apple invited me to their headquarters to discuss getting CD Baby's catalog into the iTunes Music Store. iTunes had just launched two weeks before, with only some music from the major labels. Many of us in the music biz were not sure this idea was going to work. Especially those who had seen companies like eMusic do this exact same model for years without big success. I flew to Cupertino thinking I'd be meeting with one of their marketing or tech people. When I arrived, I found out that about a hundred people from small record labels and distributors had also been invited. We all went into a little presentation room, not knowing what to expect. Then out comes Steve Jobs. Whoa! Wow. He was in full persuasive presentation mode. Trying to convince all of us to give Apple our entire catalog of music. Talking about iTunes success so far, and all the reasons we should work with them.
  • The Regional Channel Manager is repsonsible for managing and growing a channel of telecom Interconnects/?VARS within their designated geographic territory, covering multiple states.? This position will recruit dealer partners in the telecommunications industry to represent the Company's services and OEM partners.? Key results expected from this position in the first 6-12 months.? Duties: * Seeks and nurtures strategic partnership relationships by identifying and exploring potential relationships including SIs, ISVs; VARs, OEMs, IAs, alliances, retailers, distributors, dealers, and licensees; engaging key personnel and building relationships; communicating company vision and product potential; negotiating business contracts; driving channel harmony.? * Prepares partners to develop markets by developing and conducting sales and technical training programs; conducting joint seminars; managing trade show participation.
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