links for 2010-10-24

  • As most of you who visit the blog are probably aware, I record bands sometimes.  I like doing that kind of thing.  I record my OWN stuff all the time, but I particularly enjoy recording someone else.  It forces me to think differently and to try things I never would have done with my own music—mostly just because I’m pretty much dialed in to my “sound” and I don’t need to experiment to find it.  I love the recording process. Most of the time. Sometimes bands can make the engineering/mastering process, which I LOVE, a real pain in the ass.  The enjoyment of everyone in the project hinges on some very basic issues between the band and the engineer, and as a service to musicians (and as a hopefully fun read for anyone who wonders what a recording session looks like) I thought I’d offer a few suggestions that a band can take to make their project an easier effort for all involved.  I came up with 12 off the top of my head.  Thought about editing it down…
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