links for 2010-10-01

  • Piano player eager to learn how to play those long-cherished Mario themes and sound effects, your quest ends here! A few months ago, I too was looking for quality sheet music of the original Super Mario Bros from 1985, and after frantically searching the web for days and closely examining the Mario sheet music available on dozens of popular results, I came to the realization that there simply was no definitive score of Koji Kondo's masterpieces. Nintendo has never published an official version, and high demand for Mario sheet music has led a number of fans to release their own amateur transcriptions, none of which succeeded in doing justice to the original Koji Kondo creation; while some of these attempts were fair approximations and captured the gist of the tunes, they were often simplified or interpreted versions, with missing or extra notes, inaccurate rhythms and poorly-chosen notation; furthermore, they hardly looked good when printed on paper sheets,
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