links for 2010-09-03

  • Take one part love story, two parts SNES references, six parts awesomeness, let it stew in the fridge for a few days, remember it, freak out and race back, and you'll find Scott Pilgrim waiting there. So why did the movie lose millions of dollars?
  • As you probably guessed, my name is Jason M Ray. I'm a 26 year old guy from St. Louis, Mo. I spend my days as a software engineer for a flight simulator company. I earned my Bachelor's Degree in computer science in 2005. I wrote my first lines of code well over a decade ago, learning BASIC on a RadioShack TRS-80. Since then, I've written code in TI-BASIC, Z80 assembly, C, Perl, Java, C++, JavaScript, Prolog, PHP, and C#, among others. I've been a web developer for many years, having written my first website around 1998. I'm an amateur musician. I've been learning to play guitar since around 2006. I also consider myself an amateur graphic designer and cook (which means I sort of know what I'm doing, though things don't always turn out well). In general, I try to learn more things than I have time for. And I want to take up rock climbing. Seriously.. who wants to go with me?
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