links for 2010-06-24

  • Web Design Tools are always handy to a web designer and coder, with tons of features, fantastic UI, these tools provide best results if used wisely. Every tool has its pros and cons, you have to choose which suits your needs, investment planning and the OS you are using. Some of these are not cross platform and some are free, yes totally free design tools. But this list is not completed and can never be completed, without your input. With emerging trends of online apps some of the software are not needed to be installed on your computer. I hope you will like the collection for a start and I will be adding more and more web design tools which designer and developers use in day to day life. So stay connected and bookmark this post for future reference.
  • From the DMG: It's easy to overlook the effects of terrain when building adventures and encounters. After all, the party's enemies are the monsters, not the dungeon stairs, the low rock wall, or the crumbled statues in the dungeon room. Yet, terrain provides the context for an encounter. Beneath a crimson sun lie wastelands of majestic desolation and cities of cruel splendor, where sandal-clad heroes battle ancient sorcery and terrible monsters. This is Athas, the world of the Dark Sun campaign setting, a dying planet of savagery and desolation. Life hangs by a thread in this barren land, and now it is up to you to write your own story in blood and glory. Dungeon Tiles: Desert of Athas releases this month, containing four double-sided sheets of illustrated, diecut terrain tiles printed on heavy cardstock, plus two sheets of three-dimensional terrain elements, allowing you to create desert oases, sandstone vaults, and other dungeon and wilderness fixtures.
  • Cheatsheets and various quick reference guides are available for almost any type of software and language these days. Unfortunately they’re not always easy to find when you actually need them. This is why I decided to take some time to gather up as many as possible and share them with you here! Hopefully this can be a timesaver for you, along with teaching you a new trick or two. The resources have been divided into various categories to make them easier to find. Below are more than 100 cheat sheets and reference cards for the following topics:
  • This font is a set of cut-out layouts with which you can build 3D pixel style letters. They should all work. Just cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines, put some glue on the shaded flaps, stick them together and there you go… If you want to use this for commercial projects, please contact me: tobias.sommer[at] I also appreciate it if you send me links/images of your non-commercial work featuring this font. Have fun! 🙂
  • Here's a way to turn your doodle or sketch into a clean vector.
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