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  • This is LEGO Digital Designer. The program that lets you build with LEGO bricks on your computer. Learn more about LDD and how you get started by using our new tutorial movies.
  • WORDPRESS THEMES – Free Premium WordPress Themes with High-Quality Screenshots are available for DOWNLOAD.
  • To determine how much to charge for your services is often one of the biggest challenges for a new freelancer. If you charge too much you'll have trouble landing a job, but if you charge too little you'll starve. If you're a new freelancer, you've probably scoured the Internet in search of the average rates of professionals in your field. Don't even bother. I'll let you in on a secret… now that the Internet is here, there aren't any "average" rates, because the demographics are too widespread. Furthermore, in the United States, it's now illegal for competitors to discuss rates amongst each other in light of antitrust laws, which explains the absence of rate survey information online. Instead I'll show you how to figure out what rates you should charge by using a formula.
  • Tech companies are in a race to redefine the TV experience by combining web video content with traditional programming. The goal: to control your living-room screen by creating an experience where using the remote to view BoingBoing’s latest video on your 52-inch plasma is as easy as playing the last episode of Lost from your Tivo, or clicking over to a live broadcast from Yankee Stadium. Google announced a new set-top-box platform called Google TV last week. It will be based on Google’s Android operating system and will have access to Flickr, gaming sites such as Club Penguin, and music sites such as Pandora and Rhapsody. With Google TV, the search company enters a crowded space where big companies such as Apple and Microsoft and scrappy startups such as Boxee and Roku have been trying to make headway for years. Where Google TV hopes to score is in its ability to integrate cable programming with web video. Most other alternatives only offer access to free TV channels or select cabl
  • The internet is undoubtedly a wonderful place, but let's face it: some web sites are only too happy to serve up annoying ads, unnecessarily heavy Flash elements, and all-around user-unfriendly experiences. Here's how to make your browsing experience as annoyance-free as possible. Google's Chrome browser already takes care of some of the web's biggest annoyances—like browser slowness (Chrome is impressively snappy) and entire-browser-crashing plug-ins (if Flash crashes in one tab, for example, it won't take down your entire browser session). Throw in some great extensions, and you can block annoying ads, browser-jacking scripts, and other bad behavior. We have to put it out there, right up front: Chrome is not quite as extensible as Firefox at this point. So while the How-To Geek could show us how to fix nearly all of the web's biggest annoyances with Firefox, Chrome lacks for the same in-depth tweaking abilities (most notably Firefox's powerful about:config tool). Its Chrome Extensio
  • The story follows the adventures of Aang, a young successor to a long line of Avatars, who must put his childhood ways aside and stop the Fire Nation from enslaving the Water, Earth and Air nations. |
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