links for 2010-02-21

  • Innovative headteachers at schools around the country are abandoning traditional chalk and talk teaching methods in favour of widely differing visions of an educational future. Judith Woods enters a world of spaced learning, praise pods, flexible Fridays and sixth-formers in business suits.
  • For the last several years malicious spam has held steady at around 600 million a day, but in 2009 it jumped up to 3 <carlsagan>billion</carlsagan> a day. (Malicious compared to simply unwanted. The “unwanted” numbers are much higher.) According to the report [pdf file] the increase was due to the increased proliferation and sophistication of botnets. It’s interesting to note that Adobe Acrobat (and the Adobe product line in general) was by far the leading source of vulnerabilities. Which makes it humorously mysterious as to why the people who put the report together chose to package their findings inside of a pdf file. Okay, the report itself is not a source of infection, but the second biggest problem* with Acrobat is that people routinely use it for packaging information that would be more useful in simple HTML. Let us not further legitimize this practice using a document outlining the dangers of this practice. Anyway. Botnets. Botnets is such a strange term. It makes it sound lik
  • Since we've launched our new web site, we're getting some great feedback from our viewers, but you also have some questions. We understand you might not find things you were used to finding before. To help you find your way around, we compiled a list of FAQs specifically for Q: How do I get back to the homepage? As you are navigating the site, you can always get back to the homepage by clicking on the KPLR logo in the upper left-hand corner of your browser. Or just click here. Q: How do I make my homepage? If you have Internet Explorer go to tools, click on Internet options and type "". If you have Firefox, go to tools, and options and type "". Or just click this link and will become your home page. Q: Why won't the video play on my computer? You have to download Flash 8 or newer to allow the video to play. It is an easy, free download that takes up little space on your computer. Many news and entertainment
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