links for 2010-01-03

  • The 12 year break is over and shool is back in session. To learn more, sign up now. Knights of the Soundtable ride again!
  • I found this gem via the Jay Barnson. It calls itself a review of the Phantom Menace, but it’s more like a complete deconstruction of the characters, plot, and cinematography. The voice used by the author is one of a crazy old man on an angry incoherent rant, but occasionally you’ll see gaps in the persona and see the disappointed filmmaker / Star Wars fan underneath. I agree with Jay that part 2 was the weakest part of of the review. I think it crossed a line and went from “edgy satire” to “goofy and disturbing”. But that’s just me. Warning: Bad language. Link (YouTube) You could probably cook up some justifications for Palpatine’s behavior to explain why he so often acted against what were ostensibly his own goals. You could construct a larger scheme and then just say that what he did in the movie was what he improvised when the Jedi intervened and brought back the queen. But that just means that the plot was too large and complex for a movie. In any case, if the audience has to
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