links for 2009-12-14

  • What do I do? Play the game. You're white. To begin the game, move one of your pieces… What do the images mean? When it is your (White's) turn to move, the chess board will gently pulse to show the influence of the various pieces. in the left image below, you can see waves over the squares around the king and (very lightly) over the squares where the pawns might capture. When the machine (Black) is thinking, a network of curves is overlaid on the board; see image at right. The curves show potential moves–often several turns in the future–considered by the computer. Orange curves are moves by black; green curves are ones by white. The brighter curves are thought by the program to be better for white. What were Thinking Machines 1,2, and 3? No. 1, built in 2002, was an exploratory version that was similar in concept to No. 4 but was completely different graphically and technically. No. 2 was an installation similar to No. 4; it was shown at the London ICA, 2003, as part of the wo
  • The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy, is now the comfiest thanks to talented artist and Star Wars fan Kayla Kromer who made this awesome Millennium Falcon bed complete with lights.
  • Kayla Kromer's Photos – Millennium Falcon Bed -bed by Kayla, pics by HLK Feel free to use any of these images in your blogs, magazines, etc! All we ask for is to be credited, and given links or hard copies. ๐Ÿ™‚ -pictures by Heather Leah Kennedy -bed by Kayla Kromer []
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