links for 2009-12-10

  • We will start a new set of posts that will demonstrate different way of creating and styling various design elements. Today our focus will be on “Post Headings“, how to style and markup this important block that comes before any post. Usually “Post Headings” consists of 5 essential elements: * 1- Post Title * 2- Publishing Date * 3- Author Name * 4- Post Category ot Tags * 5- Number of Comments What we are going to do is play around with these 5 puzzle pieces to get 5 different and pretty “Post Headings” for your blog posts. All the headings mentioned here actually need only couple of lines of CSS.
  • CSS has become the standard for building websites in today’s industry. Whether you are a hardcore developer or designer, you should be familiar with it. CSS is the bridge between programming and design, and any Web professional must have some general knowledge of it. If you are getting your feet wet with CSS, this is the perfect time to fire up your favorite text editor and follow along in this tutorial as we cover the most common and practical uses of CSS.
  • This is my no means a definitive list of the Top 10 Most Philosophical Movies of All-Time (such a task would be impossibly subjective). It is, on the other hand, a list of excellent movies that will make you think much more than the ‘ordinarily’ run-of-the-mill Hollywood garbage. So please, queue these in your Netflix, or run to your local video store, because these films are excellent mind candy for the starving intellectual within us all.
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