links for 2009-12-01

  • Do you wonder what the big deal is about title and description META tags? Struggle with writing them? Think you can just shove a few keywords in and be good to go? Here are two great articles that will guide you in developing title and description tags that draw more visitors to your site.
  • A couple of days ago over Twitter I asked what people’s opinions were on the use of a website name as an H1 in pages and opinions on the use of multiple H1’s within a page. Without knowing it, the day before I tweeted this, a poll had been launched asking what do you use an H1 for? Like microformats versus accessibility and layout tables versus CSS , these types of debates tend to raise their heads every once and a while confirming that opinion is splintered. Part of the reason why this debate doesn’t seem to be reconciled is because neither WCAG 1.0 or WCAG 2.0 explicitly say (either in the normative or supporting documentation as far as I can see but do double check) that using the site name as an H1 or multiple H1’s are not allowed. There’s probably good reason for this as there may well be edge cases where it makes sense but it does concern me when I see multiple H1’s on a page or the website name being used as an H1 on all pages in the website. To me it’s always been clear that t
  • Over the past 2 years, SEOmoz has worked with quite a number of websites whose primary goal (or primary problem) in SEO has been indexation – getting more of their pages included in Google's index so they have the opportunity to rank well. These are, obviously, long tail focused sites that earn the vast majority of their visits from queries that bring in 5 or fewer searches each day. In this post, I'm going to tackle the question of how Google determines the quantity of pages to index on a site and how sites can go about improving these metric. First, a quick introduction to a truth that I'm not sure Google's shared very publicly (though they may have discussed it on panels or formally on the web somewhere I haven't seen) – that is – the concept that there's an "indexation cap" on the number of URLs from a website that Google will maintain in their main index. I was skeptical about this until I heard it firsthand from a Googler being described to a webmaster. Even then, I didn't feel
  • Over the weekend I was doing a bit of shopping online (well, more browsing than shopping) when I came across the Think Geek website. They have a great CSS trick for a scrolling background effect and, being the geek that I am, I couldn’t help but dissect the markup and CSS to see how they did it. Here’s the demo of my version of the effect. Scroll the page to watch the battle between good and evil take shape.
  • We get the question a lot these days about whether small businesses and in particular online stores should have blogs? Often, the question is asked why should a store owner spend their precious time blogging. Here are some reasons that an online store should blog: 1. SEO Value: It is no secret that Google and other search engines really like and prefer fresh website content. A blog is a quick, easy way to continually provide new and fresh content related to your store and your website. The more posts that you create and publish and then syndicate to various blog search engines like Technorati, MyVenturePad and SocialMedian the better. Also when you incorporate relevant keywords into posts, that content is spidered by Google and other search engines, and that then helps your overall search results for those keywords. That is because you are creating more relevant content and website pages related to those keywords for your store. 2.Humanizing Your Store: Shoppers and people in g
  • Every day through December 25, we're unveiling a new holiday song available to download free for a limited time. Check back daily to see what's next.
  • Join E-Commerce Specialist Scott Pooler of iBusiness Logic and Jay Berkowitz CEO of Ten Golden Rules for a fun and educational webinar about how to develop and promote your E-Commerce store. – Best technical solutions – How to promote your store – How to optimize your store for the search engines – Best strategies to convert visits to sales – Advanced E-Commerce Strategies
  • Throughout the course of an average day, you're probably faced with 10 to 20 different things that make you say, "Man, if I knew who came up with that idea, I'd punch them clean in the face." But where do you place that absolutely understandable rage? You place it on these people. With your fist, if possible.
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