links for 2009-10-02

  • Chainmail Bikini was created by Shamus Young and Shawn Gaston. Shamus wrote the words, Shawn drew the pictures and sometimes wrote more words. Chainmail Bikini originally appeared on Fear the Boot, beginning in September of 2007. Chainmail Bikini began immediately following Shamus’s hugely popular comic DM of the Rings, and features (sort of) many of the same characters. It lasted for 51 strips before ending in the spring of 2008 due to artist burnout. During a redesign on, the comic was lost forever. Or so the world thought! We are proud to announce that Chainmail Bikini is now returning to, where it will stay forever. For eeee veeeeerrrr.
  • Taking on the responsibility of designing a logo, is an important aspect of an entities ability to stand out. This skill shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if the logo will define a company’s representation. Conceiving a logo design calls for great amounts of practice and hard earned experience. Once you find out how to bring your concept to life, everything will fall into place. Along with much needed practice, there are a few crucial rules to take into account when aiming towards a design that will effectively portray your clients identity while structuring their brand(s). Below you’ll find yourself glaring at a few crucial rules to follow when designing an effective logo that will set your client’s business apart from the rest.
  • SendBlaster is a free bulk email software, a mass email marketing program and a bulk emailing sender. In today’s Internet marketing strategies, being on search engines is not enough: sales are a matter of trust. Web visitors become customers when you give them the content they’re searching for. Emailing and sending personalized content is legal when you gather new mailing list users, using free opt-in subscription modules in your websites. When you catch interested subscribers the key for a winning and cheap email marketing is to mass email the prospects using a bulk email blast software as an email marketing program: the free mass email newsletter sender will automatically deliver mass emails and personalized emails to subscribed users in your emailing list.
  • From the bowels of Silicon Valley to the peaks of, um, Asian chip manufacturing plants,'s Electronics editors scour the earth for the latest and greatest gear news to bring to our customers. We editors get to spend a lot of time around cool toys, but when it comes to the site, we like to let the customers do the talking. End User is our space to talk about and share with you the stuff that makes us excited about electronics. While our focus is mainly on gadgets–that is, portable electronics you can hold in your hand such as iPods, GPS, cell phones, etc.–we're also branching out to cover new things like home audio, computers and software, and more. Basically anything with a current in it is fair game. We'll talk about the latest news, provide reviews and how-tos (from "Easiest Hacks Ever" to more in-depth tutorials), and try to introduce you to some of the faces behind the screens of your favorite gadgets.
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