links for 2009-09-30

  • The Yahoo! small business services unit, which includes the hosted ecommerce platform used by thousands of online merchants, may soon be sold, clearing the way for Yahoo! to focus on its core businesses, according to published reports. News that Yahoo! had garnered some interest for the unit from corporate buyers was first reported in a Reuters article on the 22nd of September, and was soon the buzz at the National Retail Federation's Summit in Las Vegas. "I am surprised that they would be getting out of the ecommerce space when so many other companies are trying to get in," said a Summit attendee who believed that ecommerce was one of the brightest spots in the current recession, adding that several new companies had released shopping carts or ecommerce platforms in the past year. According to the Reuters article, Yahoo! was asking between $350 and $500 million for the unit, but might consider a lower sale price if the divestiture was considered to be a strategic
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