links for 2009-09-17

  • I’m so excited! About a month ago Network Solutions (my favorite ecommerce host) contacted me and requested an interview about my ecommerce stores. Today, the interview went live and is spotlighted on their SMART Ecommerce Blog! The interview will also be featured in their next newsletter, so I couldn’t be happier. To learn a little more about my ecommerce experience and background in Internet businesses, please go check out my interview. And be sure to leave me any questions you might have.
  • As many of you know, I’ve been a loyal customer of Network Solutions since 2006. After several disappointing attempts to set up ecommerce hosting with other big name companies, I was fortunate to find Network Solutions and I’ve never looked back. Besides their fantastic 24/7 phone support, I truly believe Network Solutions is the leader in ecommerce hosting. With the ability to completely customize your storefront, import/export products and orders, offer gift certificates and discounts, display related products in product descriptions and much more, NS beats Yahoo Stores, Homestead, eBay ProStores, OS Commerce and every other shopping cart software I’ve come across in both quality and price! Today, I received an email from Network Solutions regarding MAJOR changes they are making to their brand. It looks like they’ve decided to reinvent their website and tweak their products. Of course, I would have remained a happy customer anyways, but their new look does spark a little
  • Remember NES (Nintendo Entertainment System)? It’s an 8-bit video game console released back in 1985. Besides being a solid gaming system, NES brought us legendary games such as Super Mario Bros, Tetris, and The Legend of Zelda. What does all that have to do with Google’s (Google) web browser, Chrome (Chrome)? Well, a chap named Ben Firshman ported a NES emulator called vNES into JavaScript, creating JSNES. Yes, it works in Firefox (Firefox) 3.5 and in Safari (Safari) 4, but thanks to its JavaScript optimizations, it runs about 10 times faster in Chrome. To play, you only need to open this address in Google Chrome, and choose a ROM. I’ve tried out a couple of games and gotten an average FPS of around 50, compared to an unplayable 5 in Firefox. Besides helping you kill some time, this exercise is cool because it really makes you see that all those under the hood optimizations in the new Chrome aren’t just hype.
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