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  • The Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast is Sponsored by GoToMeeting, click here for a FREE 45 Day Trial. Use the code GOLDEN. Ten Golden Rules is an internet marketing consultant based in Boca Raton, Florida. We specialize in internet marketing strategy, online advertising, web marketing and conversion. We will help you get more traffic to your website, and we will show you how to convert that traffic into qualified leads or sales. Our public speaking includes the highly regarded presentation The Ten Golden Rules of Internet Marketing. This presentation has been shared with thousands of internet marketers at events such as: The American Marketing Association, The Direct Marketing Association, The Small Business Development Center, The PrintImage 2005 Annual Conference, Internet Marketing For Profit, Y2 Marketing, The Advertising Federation, The Marketing Executive’s Networking Group (MENG), The Small Business Development Center, The Gold Coast PR Association, InterMedia,
  • The Marketing Spot is a small business marketing firm in Waco, Texas. My name is Jay Ehret and I coach, teach, consult with locally owned businesses. I also conduct workshops and seminars to empower small businesses to market more effectively. For free marketing ideas, check out my blog: The Marketing Spot Forget pre-packaged marketing plans. My system is based on the four essential spots of small business marketing. I work with you to build this Marketing Circle of Life into a customized marketing plan for your business.
  • Did you know that LIFE is a dream and a vision, to be explained by STORIES? Our lives have three stages – past, present and future. The past and the future are dreams that exist in our minds in the form of events(stories) that took place and events(stories) that will take place, respectively. The present is the vision stage. We see things live and record, and recall them for future references in the form of stories. The only way we can paint our lives in vivid colors is through stories. Thus STORIES are full of human vicissitudes, and therefore deservedly appealed to us. Our Mission We have one short-term-goal, one mid-term plan and one lifelong mission: MAXIMIZE HUMAN CAPABILITIES through nature-made stories and poems, before we maximize profits for our owners. and The Purpose We Exist Our founder and one of the world’s best story tellers, we believe so, Abdinasir Haji-Bare (he also goes by Nasir, Abdi, The Story Teller, and Non-Governmental Artist –
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