links for 2009-07-27

  • Because the internet has become so hugely popular, every company needs to step up their game and create the best looking website possible. Today it would be difficult to keep a customer’s attention with a page of straight text. People need something interesting to look at like a logo and other visuals. But an interesting looking website is not enough. When a company decides to create a website, the owners need to keep in mind that this set of pages will act as a public face for the company. They will be a form of corporate branding. The pages can look good and give the correct information, but if they do not reflect the company’s style, they are not helping. You no doubt have an image in your mind of how your company is represented. This brand image is probably a product, a logo, or a set of colors. All these images are important factors in creating a public persona. Companies’ brand logos say a great deal about the company itself.
  • AMUSING OURSELVES TO DEATH by Stuart McMillen – May 2009
  • In the halcyon days when American newspapers were feared rather than pitied, I had the pleasure of reporting on crime in the prodigiously criminal environs of Baltimore. The city was a wonderland of chaos, dirt and miscalculation, and loyal adversaries were many. Among them, I could count police commanders who felt it was their duty to demonstrate that crime never occurred in their precincts, desk sergeants who believed that they had a right to arrest and detain citizens without reporting it and, of course, homicide detectives and patrolmen who, when it suited them, argued convincingly that to provide the basic details of any incident might lead to the escape of some heinous felon. Everyone had very good reasons for why nearly every fact about a crime should go unreported. In response to such flummery, I had in my wallet, next to my Baltimore Sun press pass, a business card for Chief Judge Robert F. Sweeney of the Maryland District Court, with his home phone number on the back. When c
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