links for 2009-07-13

  • Here is our collection of interactive SMART Board games for educators on PBS KIDS. Students will enjoy participating in these collaborative, fun and engaging experiences, while exploring curriculum from trusted programs such as Curious George, Super Why and Arthur. Like our programs, all of our games are age-appropriate and vetted by educators.
  • Creating buttons is something every web designer deals with, usually on a very regular basis. It can be one of those tasks that becomes tedious and repetitive but with a few tricks you can make pleasing looking buttons that also give the visitor useful feedback and navigational consistency. In this article I’ll be talking about buttons with 3 states – normal, hover, and pressed – and I will be using the sprite based method which places all 3 states in the same image file.
  • John Gottman, from the University of Washington, has a "marriage lab" in which he videotaped/s married couples disagreeing about something minor, in order to study predictors of divorce. He came up with four. You might think they're obvious, but if you actually try to avoid them during an argument, it's harder than you think. Try it. It then occurred to me that these often some of the same reasons why some kids "hate" their parents. Again, you'll think it's obvious; but again, try to avoid it when talking to your kids. Disclaimer for the sensitive: the below are inflated examples; these are done to varying degrees, of course, sometimes it's unavoidable, etc, etc.
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