links for 2009-06-01

  • The project aims at providing web designers with a way to use the W3's CSS Template Layout Module today. As a jQuery plug-in, the script parses a given set of CSS rules and displays the content as indicated in the specification. Options include the ability to select the CSS parsed, as well as an optional prefix to use for the CSS rules. Specifying a prefix allows style rules that are interoperable with a possible future browser implementations.
  • A couple years ago, FeedDemon started displaying favicons – you know, those little 16×16 icons that web sites use to brand themselves. It was a popular addition, because it’s much easier to tell your feeds apart when they don’t all use the same generic feed icon. It seemed like such a simple feature at the time. Just check the root folder of the feed’s homepage for the favicon, download it if it exists, then display it in FeedDemon. No big deal, right? Bah. The first problem was web sites that lied when I requested the favicon. They’d use the wrong MIME type, so I couldn’t rely on that to determine if I was actually getting an image. And all too often they’d indicate that the favicon existed by responding with an HTTP 200, but instead of returning a favicon they’d give me an HTML document that contained a 404 error message. So that meant writing code to handle that situation.
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